A Year Has Passed…

Anyone who has struggled with their weight knows that once you get off track, it can take quite a while to get back on track. Here’s my story from the last year…

I got married in November!

We had been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months before the wedding, knowing with my PCOS it would be a challenge. I found out earlier this year my thyroid was out of whack (hypothyroid, still not in range with my levels). In July 2015 I went on a low carb diet lost some weight and got pregnant. Unfortunately, devastatingly, I lost the pregnancy.

Here I am in October. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m completely over the loss of my pregnancy that I had been trying so hard for. But I will tell you at this moment I’m prepared to lose weight, work with the doctor get my thyroid back in line and then give it my all to get pregnant again. This may involve in my carb cutting eventually. For right now, I’m just looking forward to losing weight.

I was eating less than 20 carbs for months. So eating on the WW plan feels like a walk in the park. I’m hoping it works for me. From reviewing my weigh-ins on this blog, it does look like it worked for me the last time (one reason I’m glad I wrote this blog and the reason I decided to bring it back to life for myself).

So, here we go! My first official weigh in at my weight watchers meeting last night 306.4. I’m ready to go! Hoping to lose on average 2-3lbs a week. So we will see!

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Own it!


I gave myself five minutes this morning. I was mad. Sad. Heartbroken. Depressed. And now I’m moving forward!

Owned. Accepted. And will be corrected.

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Reeling It In…

Wow, did I let myself get off track. Finishing my MBA, craziness at work, the birth of my twin nephews, wedding planning, wedding attendance (so many wedding this summer) and the fact that it is summer has literally and completely derailed my weight loss progress. In fact, I’m certain I have gained weight back, but I must admit, up until this point I have been too scared to face the music. It is also very easy for me to become depressed, I call it a “funk” but I think it is probably depression. Whether it is genetics, my PCOS messing with me, or just the way it is…it happens. And that has also been a contributing factor.

So what is new? Trying to get pregnant. How’s it going? Not well, as I am not pregnant. Wedding is in three months. It is time to get serious (I am not crash dieting for the wedding; honestly, the wedding is really a non-factor in the weight loss. It is really the baby making that is the motivator). So what is the plan? Stop drinking calories and start trying to eat things that can be found in nature.

I guess I’ll face to music tomorrow by weighing in. I’m going to own it, accept it, probably be a little mad at myself for a bit, and then carry right on. Tomorrow, I reel myself in and hit the reset button!


First Progress Photo

First progress photo edited

Wow – the first time I have put a photo side by side. That is basically what it looks like to lose 60lbs. I really didn’t see it myself until I put those pictures together. Feeling good!

Weighed in yesterday at WW at 287lbs, so that means since Feb 15, I am down 17.6lbs. I weighed in at home yesterday at 285, which put me exactly at 60lbs gone.

However, I turned the big 2-9 this Thursday, and the birthday dinners are already beginning. I’m going to do my best to spread them out and not go crazy. I’d love a loss this week!

My piece of advice to anyone in a weight loss journey…that photo that gets taken of yourself that you hate and makes you decide you definitely need a change(this was my photo, I hated the photo above) – save it. Then compare yourself against it later on in life…it feels amazing!!!


Small success is still success

So proud of myself today – and that is rare.

1) I woke up early and did my little weight watcher exercise cards
2) Stayed within my WW points
3) Went to zumba

OK – and here is what I mean by a small success. Now mind you, I started zumba when I was like 326lbs, I’m still 290lb. I can’t do everything that everyone else does in that class. When I start to feel bad, I just think – how would that girl do if she was lugging around an extra 150lbs, probably as good as I’m doing now. I’m doing the best I can!

Today when they did jumping jacks, I wasn’t able to do the jumping jacks, but my feet actually left the ground. I think mentally I haven’t done it, as I’m afraid of getting hurt, my body is heavy and tired. But today, I jumped. This is a big deal for me! It shows progress.

Today was a good day. And I took this picture today to ask my sister what she thought of the head band I bought for zumba, and I thought to myself, I think I look kind of cute today. That is saying something, I never have anything nice to say about myself. I’ve decided that is coming to an end!

head band

BTW – you can get the headband here – I love it! http://www.divaheadbands.com/


April 2014 Goals

Note – there are no weight loss (pound specific) goals!

1) No Facebook!!!
3) Zumba every Tuesday and Saturday
4) Weight Watcher Exercise cards every day
5) Home Work Outs 10 times

I made myself a little check off sheet – so I’m hoping that will help! I’ve already deactivated my Facebook account (I need to stop comparing myself to others, and wasting time on this website. It is time for me to get in touch with myself!!) I really want to keep going on a roll here. I was wanting to be 275lbs by my birthday, that’s not going to happy. My birthday is in a little over 2 weeks and I weighed in at 288lbs. I don’t want not meeting this goal defeat me. So setting new goals and getting going!


7 weeks of Weight Watchers

Hi everyone,

So, today marks technically my seventh week of Weight Watchers (since rejoining again!). Here’s how its played out:

2/15 – 304.6 (WW starting weight)
2/22 – 294.2 (-10.4)
3/1 – 295 (+.8)
3/8 – 295 (+0)
3/15 – 290.6 (-4.4)
3/22 – 290 (-.6)
3/29 – 290.6 (+.6)

Overall – 14. Typically I have a big loss, then smaller losses/gains, another larger loss and then the small changes. I’m hoping this upcoming week is a big week for me! I’m ready to go, and I’m rededicating myself to tracking!

So this brings my overall weight loss to be:
SW: 345
CW: 290.6
Overall Loss: 54.4lbs

That does not suck!! Have a doctor’s appt on May 15 to discuss the idea of going off birth control and possibly take a stab at baby making. So I’d like to lose as much weight as possible before getting pregnant (which could take awhile, because 1. I’m overweight 2. my good friend PCOS).

Keeping focused, 2014 – year of the wedding and weight loss and hopefully 2015 will be the year of the baby!

Been slacking on zumba – dragging my ass back there on Tuesday!